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A-Frame Garages Vertical and Horizontal

A-Frame Garages Vertical and Horizontal

A-Frame Garages by American Steel

Email us or call for a quote today.  All prices are installed on your level site.  We service all of Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana.  Installation takes 2-4 weeks from the time of the down payment.



A Frame Garages… The New A-Frame Residential Style buildings offer a different look. Instead of the typical vertical slates for your side walls, you can select a horizontal layout to closely match any existing vinyl sided structure. Then, choose drive through openings or a single, large overhead door or even multiple entry doors either in roll-up or overhead styling. Or if you prefer, you can stick with the traditional vertical slates. While all of our buildings are capable of withstanding substantial snow loads, the vertical slates do allow for easier snow run-off.

You can choose from Vertical Style siding or Horizontal siding.


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