The TimeCutter® Z5030 features a powerful twin cylinder 23hp KOHLER® Courage engine** and 50″ deck allowing you to mow significantly larger amounts of grass in one pass than the 42″ zero turn mower.

Timecutter SS: The Smart Choice. Save up to 45% of your mowing time with the zero-turn mower compared to a standard lawn tractor. It’s as rugged and tough as it is agile and smooth. The TimeCutter SS offers 25 years of expert zero-turn mower design and development, placing the professional brand in your capable hands – allowing you to groom your lawn like the pros.
Smart Speed® Steering Control System gives you greater control of speed and maneuverability when mowing around landscaping and obstacles
Automatic Parking Brake automatically sets whenever the control arms are moved outward
Powerful Kohler® and Kawasaki® engines give you optimal power
3-Year Limited Warranty

TimeCutter MX: The TimeCutter MX offers the time-saving speed and agility of a TimeCutter SS with the added strength and durability of a new fabricated deck. Welded together from plates of steel, and a bull-nose bumper leading the front edge, this deck can handle the tough conditions it is made for. 42″ and 50″ models available.
10-Gauge fabricated cutting deck with bull-nose bumper to handle tough conditions
Smart Speed™ Control System – use low speed for more control around landscaping and tight areas. High speed for the large, open areas.
Heavy-duty transmissions for more power to cut through tough jobs
18″ extra-tall seat, height-of-cut assist, anti-vibration floormat, and more come standard for your comfort