No need to buy two pieces of equipment, Bale Sweep will pick up and load hay by carrying hay up and off the ground.

Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep is the quickest, labor saving, most cost effective way to pick up small square hay bales from the field and load them on to a trailer or hayrack, without pushing or dragging bales accross the ground.  It will work with 14×18 or 16×18 bales. Load a trailer, hayrack, put bales in a stack, into the barn, load the hayrack on a horse trailer, use for feeding details, or just pick up hay after your custom cut and baler leaves.

  • Only skidsteer or loader mounted small bale accumulator that does not push hay across the ground.
  • Will work with 14″x18″ or 16″x18″ bales. Unit available for 15″x22″ 3 string bales.
  • Made in Montana, USA
  • Reduce manual labor and liability concerns on your farm or ranch.

Rocky Mountain Bale Sweep is a sturdy, well designed unit, made in the USA by a top notch fabrication shop and protected by a powder coat finish.  The spring loaded front end allows the forks to follow the ground contour.  Attachment will pick up and load or accumulate for use with a grapple.

Bale Sweep has been designed for 2013 making it lighter, stronger, and more compact. It is available in the following unit sizes: 10 pack, 8 pack, 6 pack W 15’x22” 3 tie bale, and a grapple.


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