The Farm King Grain Vac is an efficient way to transport grain from bin to truck, bin to bin, storage shed to truck and basic bin cleanup. The high vacuum suction carries the crop on a pillow of air and aids in cleaning out trash particles as the crop goes through the grain vac.

The versatility of the grain vac hoses and cleanup wands allow the operator to access hard-to-reach areas for superior cleaning. The optional self-contained hydraulics allow the grain vac to be fully operational without using the hydraulic ports of the tractor.

Conveyair 6640


  • Suction  :  6″
  • Discharge  :  6″
  • Length  :  99″ (252 cm)
  • Width  :  93″ (236 cm)
  • Transport height (standard boom)  :  98″ (249 cm)
  • Boom discharge height (standard)*  :  12′ (3.7 m)
  • PTO speed  :  1000 RPM
  • Recommended hp  :  110 hp