• Yanmar's SA221 Tractor has enough power and versatility for anyone.  This tractor has 4WD, a 21HP Diesel engine, comfortable seat, wide operator platform, easy access to all controls and instruments, and easy wide sight lines. The hydrostatic transmission makes it easy to maneuver.   Yanmar has a 5 year warranty. Starting at $11,531 for tractor only.
  • Yanmar's SA324 is the ideal sub-compact tractor choice.  This tractor has 4WD, a 3 cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine, fuel efficiency accompanied with lots of power.  The hydrostatic transmission makes it easy to drive for all operators.  Yanmar provides a 5 year warranty.  The front loader makes this tractor able to do lots of jobs.  Come see it today!  Starting at $13,789 tractor only.
  • The SA 424 is made for tougher terrain.  The ground clearance is a little taller than the SA 324.  It still has the great operator platform, easy to use instruments and controls, comfortable seat, and a 3 cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine.  This tractor has a variety of attachments that can be used.   Yanmar stands behind their tractors with a 5 year warranty.  Starting at $14,840 tractor only. The SA424 also comes with a 4 post canopy option. That option starts at $16,463
  • Main Features
    • 46 Gross HP Yanmar Diesel Engine
    • Mechanical or Hydrostatic Transmissions
    • 3,314 lb Hitch Lift Capacity