Mowing Equipment

  • Courier

    The Courier has a comfortable ride and can be used for utility jobs.  It has a dependable Briggs and Stratton engine, some models have a fabricated deck, a foot assisted height of cut, suspension systems, also comes in 42", 44", 48", and 52" decks. Starting at $2999
  • The Contender is a new release for Simplicity.  It is commercially inspired features like the Hydro-Gear ZT-3200, up to 9 MPH, 10 position height of cut and the stripping roller.  This mower comes in a 52" or a 61" fabricated deck.  You can also get a cargo bed for this mower that makes it good for small jobs.  Starting at $5199
  • The Champion XT has a smaller deck but still has all of the great cut of a professional mower.  It has a 18" high back seat, 10 MPH forward speed, greaseable aluminum mower deck spindles, pivoting front axle, suspension system, and of course the stripping roller on the mower deck.  This zero turn only comes in a 48" fabricated deck.
  • The Citation XT offers professional style cutting and comfort.  It has two adjustable steering levers, commercial grade mower deck spindles, loads of suspension, Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 transaxles, fabricated mower deck, and easy to use deck height adjustment.  Starting at $6399
  • If you want a professional cut then choose a Cobalt.  Large 24" Rear Tires, up to 10 MPH forward speeds, twin gas tanks, high back seat with armrests, Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 transaxles, great suspension system, and a fabricated 61" mowing deck with a stripping roller.
  • The regent offers a tight turning radius, easy to use color coded controls, cruise control, a variety of deck sizes 38", 44", 42",  and 48", as well as a suspension option.  As always a stripping roller is included with every deck size.  All Regents have a 724cc (22HP) Professional Series Briggs and Stratton engine.   Starting at $2399
  • The Broadmoor has a foot operated forward and reverse, Tuff Torq Transmission, free floating deck, suspension system, and of course a stripping roller on the deck.  This mower comes in a variety of deck sizes 44 and 50 stamped deck as well as 48 and 52 fabricated deck.  Starting at $3699.
  • Conquest

    Conquest provides great durability with enough power to do the job.  Main features include suspension comfort system, deluxe instrument panel, durable Tuff Torq transmissions, automatic traction control, and a choice of 50" or 52" deck. Starting price $5799
  • Prestige

    Treat yourself with the great garden tractor.  The Prestige has a free floating mower deck, tilt steering, cruise control, high grade transmissions, differential lock (2WD), 50 or 52 inch deck size, one model comes in 4WD, available with EFI engine, and of course the signature stripping roller. Starting at $7899
  • Legacy XL

    Differential Lock give Maximum Traction, option of a hydraulic PTO for front or back makes attachments easy to use, has electric height of cut adjustment, heavy-duty 7 gauge welded steel frame, big 26" x 12" Rear Tires for bigger jobs, and as always the deck has the signature stripping roller. Comes in 52 or 61 inch deck sizes as well as a variety of engines as well as a 4WD option. Starting at $9199